Повик за трудови: Мир на Балканот, мир во Европа: научени лекции


Call for Papers: Peace in the Balkans, Peace in Europe: Lessons Learned

Call for Papers: Peace in the Balkans, Peace in Europe: Lessons Learned

Call for Papers: Peace in the Balkans, Peace in Europe: Lessons Learned

First Workshop of the Center for European Studies

11 May 2018

Center for European Studies- EPOKA University

In the current scale of globalization, peace becomes a national and international responsibility that requires coordinated action from both national and international agents. The achievement of peace is not only the absence of war, but it also requires a process of positive transformation of political, economic and social structures.

Peace has many complex dimensions and even when well perceived, it is difficult to move from theory to practice.

This workshop aims to bring together in one platform academicians, policy makers, practitioners and Ph.D. students focused on peace studies and welcomes proposals that:

  1. Present research works assessing the status of peace politics in the Western Balkan region especially in a time when peace itself is a contested concept and each society internalizes and implements it according to its own social, political and economic objectives
  1. Analyze ways of spreading peace messages in the Western Balkan Region through political institutions and other channels of communications to make it part of a general effort to change society and to create a peace culture.
  1. Assess the impact of European Integration on peace politics for the region.
  1. Assists related state and non-state agencies in setting agenda for peace politics.

With this focus in mind, we warmly welcome paper submissions and presentation proposals from across the world and from a wide spectrum of disciplines and perspectives. We also welcome poster submissions, which will provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work.

Papers and posters should address the relationship of the WB countries and EU on related themes:

  • Human Security
  • Democratization
  • Human Rights
  • Foreign Policy
  • Regional Cooperation
  • Social Justice
  • Welfare
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environment Protection

Deadline for workshop proposals: 30 March 2018.

Proposals should be 250 words maximum and sent to [email protected] Accepted proposals will be notified via email until 10 April 2018. The workshop has no fee, but the participants are responsible to cover travel and accommodation costs themselves.

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