Пракса на Екомонскиот и социјален комитет


Traineeships at the Economic and Social Committee

Traineeships at the Economic and Social Committee



The Economic and Social Committee (ESC) is an advisory body that gives Europe’s economic and social partners (i.e. employers, trade unions, representatives of small businesses, farmers’ associations, consumers, etc.) the chance to issue their formal opinion on EU policies.

Twice a year the ESC organises in-service training periods of five months.

The main aims of the in-service training are:

  • To conclude and apply knowledge acquired by the trainee during his/her studies or work;
  • To provide the trainee with practical knowledge of the working of the ESC’s various departments;
  • To enable the trainees to gain experience through contacts established in day-to-day work.


  • University graduates;
  • Thorough knowledge of one EU language and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language, one of which must be English or French;
  • Candidates from non-Member States are required to have only a thorough knowledge of English or French.


Trainees receive a monthly grant of 1.159,44 EUR.

How to Apply?

Application form is accessible online.

Deadline: 31 March at 12 noon CET (Autumn traineeship Sep-Feb).

More information can be found on the official website.

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