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Global Impact Challenge 2017

Global Impact Challenge 2017



The Singularity University together with the World Food Programme (WFP) is currently inviting applications for the Global Impact Challenge to find new ways to provide food in Emergencies.
You have likely witnessed a scene like this far too many times on the news, from the safety of your home: hundreds, thousands, or even millions of families caught in the grip of conflict or disaster. Chased, burned, or washed out of their homes. Stripped of their belongings, cut off from their fields. Little to eat. Children denied food when they need it most. A life of stunting and underachievement—for those who get to live.


  • The challenge is open to anyone, anywhere in the world;
  • Participant must be age 21 or older on the first day of GSP;
  • The participant should be able to conduct yourself professionally in written and spoken English.


Shortlisted winners will be invited to a Bootcamp at the WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich, Germany, where they’ll work on developing their ideas using lean startup and human-centered design methods, combined with WFP field expertise. The Bootcamp will be hosted April 18-21, 2017.
Following the Bootcamp, one team (with a maximum of two members) will move on and secure a full sponsorship to attend Singularity University’s prestigious Global Solutions Program (GSP) hosted from June 17 to August 17, 2017, on the SU campus at NASA Research Park.

How to Apply?

Filling an application form and provide the following formations

  • Basic Information;
  • Essay Questions;
  • Two-Minute GIC Video URL;
  • CV Upload;
  • Submit your pitch deck.
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