Програма “Rondine Cittadella della Pace”


Rondine Cittadella della Pace Programme 2017

Rondine Cittadella della Pace Programme 2017


For 20 years Rondine, in Italy, works for the peace, proposing an original training program for young people coming from different cultures or from Countries in conflict areas. The program teaches them to understand their own conflict and accept to live with their own enemy.

During a two-year experience, participants deconstruct the idea of the enemy and work actively to develop projects with social, political and economic impact contributing to a peaceful development in their own Countries and in the world.

To achieve these results, students receive high quality training on topics connected to conflict management, improve their communication skills and learn about the necessary methodologies to create concrete opportunities.

In addition to this specific training, students develop a professional and academic, personalized curriculum by attending a university master degree or a high specialization vocational training.


  • Aged between 21- 27;
  • Sensibility and readiness to work on the topics of conflict of the Country of origin and conflicts in general;
  • Predisposition to leadership;
  • Predisposition to public speaking and communication;
  • Predisposition to team and group work and active listening;
  • Predisposition to take on roles of responsibility;
  • Predisposition to team building and active involvement;
  • Predisposition to entrepreneurship and social innovation, with a clear project of return back home, which has a social impact on the issue of the conflict resolution or the social change;
  • Knowledge about the civil society and non- profit sector;
  • Sensibility about the global sustainability or at least about some of the following topics: climate change, cooperation, welfare, civil and social economy;
  •  A wish to deal with the conflicts resolution, during his/her own personal professional growth.


During the whole period of the participant’s stay, the Association takes responsibility of covering the following costs:

  • Cost of the training activities in Rondine
  • Cost of the lodging and board
  • Cost of the academic or vocational training



The selection of participant includes the following phases, all required to be successfully completed:

– Application form: the candidate has to complete the request of admission and send it before the indicated deadline, attaching all of the requested documents.

– Pre-selection: among all the application forms arrived on time, those that fulfil all the formal requests will proceed to the next step. This phase includes on-line tests coordinated by an agency hired by Rondine.

– Individual interview: candidate will have an individual interview with the aim to verify the personal characteristics and his/her motivation to carry out the experience of the World House. Special attention in this phase will be given to the discussion of the social project that the candidate presented. Priority will be given to the interviews in person, in the candidate’s Country, even though exceptions could be with interview done via Skype.

– The trial period in Rondine: candidates that are considered eligible will receive an invitation to come to Rondine for the reciprocal trial period, which will verify the motivation and personal qualities of the participant. The trial period lasts three months, at the end of which candidates evaluated eligible will be officially accepted in the World House. During this period, candidates will take part in an intensive course of Italian language and culture, in order to use the language as the official language of communication in the World House during the two years of their stay, while they’re evaluated during the entire trial period.

Those interested in the Programme must send the Application and the required documents (find the full list in the Application form)  to the following email addresses: international@rondine.org or international.rondine@gmail.com strictly before 26th February, 2017.

The requested documents are:

  • Application form, using the attached form;
  • Copy of the passport, valid at least until June 2018;
  • Motivation letter; – Curriculum Vitae;
  • Copy of the last qualification or certificate or diploma achieved;
  • At least one recommendation letter, signed by a professor from the student university, or a responsible of an NGO or association where the candidate is active;
  • English proficiency certificate or other proof of knowing the language;
  • If present, the proof of sponsorship;
  • If present, copy of the driving license;
  • The social impact project proposal that the candidate is planning to develop during his/her experience in Rondine and implement upon return to their home Country.
  • The project should include the following points: 1) Social and geographical contest in which the project will be developed; 2) Objectives of the project; 3) Expected activities; 4) Methodologies to be used; 5) Expected timeframe;
  1. application_2017_Balkans.pdf
  2. application_2017_Middle_East.pdf
  3. application_2017_South_Caucasus.pdf

For all the additional information related to the call, you can contact at international@rondine.org

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