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CEMS Alliance Master’s in International Management (MIM) Program

CEMS Alliance Master’s in International Management (MIM) Program



Koç University is the Turkish National Head Office of CEMS Alliance Master’s in International Management (MIM) Program which brings top academic institutions, leading multinational companies, and outstanding students together from all around the world to educate future global business leaders.

CEMS MIM is the most internationally and culturally diverse graduate program, which provides a unique blend of top-level education and professional experience for multilingual, multicultural postgraduate students. CEMS MIM enables students to develop their management skills, broaden their multicultural knowledge and career prospects through international study and internship/work experience.During the program, students are exposed to interdisciplinary problems in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical attitude in lectures, discussions, and projects.

Degree Components

– Semester Abroad:

Koç CEMS MIM students spend one or two academic semester(s)studying abroad at one of the Academic Partner(s). Students are integrated in a very international cohort of students and exposed both inside and outside the classroom to multi-cultural learning experiences.

– Block Seminar & Launch Event

Koç University CEMS MIM students start their international management degree with a week long, intensive seminar called Block Seminar. Block Seminars are academically and culturally intensive, and the experience is the ideal starting point into the program.

Students acquire in-depth knowledge of the chosen topic in a very short period of time.

The CEMS Launch Event is organized by each school at the start of Term 2. During a one or two day event (a team-building weekend, a skill seminar, a cultural event, or an excursion), as an opportunity for students to meet and form a class spirit.

– Management and Business Communication

CEMS MIM is designed to give future international managers the skills they need to succeed in global markets. Speaking the relevant foreign language is essential if managers are to work effectively abroad. The program is thus rigorous in its testing of language abilities, ensuring students are ready to live, and work, and communicate effectively in different cultures. In a business context, this means that CEMS graduates must be able to perform certain important tasks at a professional level. CEMS graduates are expected to be fluent in English and have proficiency in a second foreign language by the time they graduate.

– Skill Seminars

Skill Seminars exemplify the managerial and applied foci of CEMS. Skill Seminars are training seminars in practical skills. They are the essential skills required to start in an effective professional career and fundamental to adjusting easily to an international management environment.These shorter seminars are held throughout the semesters and often in close cooperation with CEMS corporate partners.Students have to attend four Skill Seminar days in total, of which at least two days must be in “Business Communication”.

– Business Projects

Each CEMS student is required to complete a Business Project during Term 2. Student teams present the results in a final report and make an oral presentation to a corporate and academic audience.Business Projects are designed as a real life learning experience for students.

– Internship Abroad

Internship abroad provides students with a real life professional learning experience by integrating them into an organization’s culture and processes outside of their home countries. A ten-week international internship must be completed to fulfil the requirements of CEMS MIM. The main objective is to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multicultural experience.



In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

·         To have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university;

·         TOEFL (min. score 100);

·         GMAT or GRE score (min. GMAT score 600 or GRE 150) tests.

·         Having proficiency in a second foreign language is an asset.

·         Transcript

·         At least two reference letters;

·         4 essays

·         Application & tuition fee payment slip;


For the 2017/2018 academic year, the tuition for the CEMS MIM Program is 63.400TL (approximately 18.000 USD). This fee covers tuition and registration and also allows full use of the library, computer laboratories and infirmary services.



The admissions will be managed in three main assessment phases. In the first phase the application files and their conformity will be evaluated. Candidates whose applications are accurate will be invited to interview (panel and case study).All selections are conducted locally and include the participation of representatives from corporate partners.

Selected applicants will be called for an interview by the Graduate School of Business. The candidates will be asked to read and study a short article before the interview and answer related questions as part of the interview process.


In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, write to us: [email protected].

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