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NIGINTERN Research Internship Program

NIGINTERN Research Internship Program



National Institute of Genetics (NIG) and Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI offers a 6-week research internship program for undergraduate students who wish to gain research experience in genetics and related fields in life sciences. Intern students will conduct independent research under the mentorship of a host investigator at NIG.
Their program includes training on scientific research, scientific communication, and lab visits to discuss with individual principal investigators. At the end of the program, participants will give a presentation on their experience in the “NIGINTERN Reports Symposium”. NIG will issue a certificate to those who have successfully completed the program. Interns can also participate in various activities such as graduate program, lectures, journal clubs, and seminars by outstanding researchers from inside and outside of NIG. Japanese lessons are also available.


Applicants must be:

  • Prefinal-year undergraduates at the time of application; 
  • Interested in life sciences;
  • Students in the 3rd year of a 4-year bachelor program, in the 4th year of a 5-year master or bachelor dual-degree program or in the 1st year of a 2-year master program are eligible to apply for NIGINTERN 2017; 
  • Students who are interested in enrolling in our PhD program at NIG are encouraged to apply.


NIG will arrange flights for the accepted intern students. Upon arrival at NIG, interns must submit the stub of the boarding pass of their outward flight to NIG. Also, the stub of the boarding pass of their return flight or its (scanned or photo) copy must be sent to NIG within one week of the last day of the program.

To receive financial support, students must agree to fulfill the following requirements:

  • To dedicate their full efforts to the NIGINTERN program;
  • To participate in the project for the full intern term (on a full-time basis, five days a week until the end of the designated term);
  • To give an oral presentation on the scheduled day;
  • To submit an essay and questionnaire at the end of the internship term;

How to Apply?

Students interested in applying for this program apply using the Online Registration 

  • Step 1: Access from this link. Please keep your registration number when you enter the application. The application page will close at noon on February 28, 2017 (JST);
  • Step 2: Curriculum vitae – (Since you will need a registration number, this step should be completed after submitting the application.) Send curriculum vitae including education starting from high school and a scanned academic transcript. Be sure to indicate your current academic year on your CV. Please name the file “(Registration number)Family Name_Given Name”;
  • Step 3: Two letters of recommendation – Two letters of reference from your teachers including the applicant’s registration number should be sent directly to nig-intern@nig.ac.jp by the referring teachers. Please rename this file “(Registration number)LOR_Applicant’s Family Name_Applicant’s Given Name” using the following format and email as an attachment (PDF file) to <nig-intern@nig.ac.jp>, with the subject “(Registration number) Recommendation for NIGINTERN2017 application”. Form (Word/648KB);
  • Step 4: Result Announcement – The registration numbers of selected students will be posted on our website by March 31st (Fri) 2017 noon (Japan standard time, JST). The selected students will also receive a notification from them

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