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Effective Communication Skills Workshop

Effective Communication Skills Workshop



Effective communication is one of the key skills for the success in nearly any organization, especially in international environment! Effective communication skills will help you to have your voice heard, to build good relationships with colleagues and partners. The course on Effective Communication will allow you to develop your communication skills and be more effective in communicating with other people.

The course will take part from 27th August till 3rd September 2017 in Moscow, Russia. During the course you will learn how to build the build arguments, what are the rules of strong argumentation. You will develop your skills of effective communication in discussions. Effective communication is the key for effective partnership with other organizations. The course will allow you to develop your communication skills and be able easier finding partners for new projects. The training course on Effective Communication will allow you to develop your communication skills and to build the discussions in effective manner. You will learn how to find the arguments in order to win the debates and lead the groups.

Nowadays, in the époque of globalization understanding of cultural sensitivity in communication is very important. A part of the course will be dedicated to the topic of intercultural communication – how to build the dialogue with people from different countries; what do you need to know communicating with people from other cultures; how to work effectively with foreign partners. The course will allow to develop skills of intercultural communication and become more effective communicating with partners from other countries.The training course consist on various blocks which will be dedicated to the topics mentioned above as well as some other topics related to the effective communication. The course is designed on the courses on effective communication taught in business schools and adjusted to be relevant and useful for youth workers.


  • Anyone interested in the course can apply;
  • The course is designed for professionals who want to improve their communication skills within the organization as well as with external partners;
  • We encourage young trainers to join the training which will help you to find the ways on how to develop yourself as a trainer.


The participants are expected to arrive on Sunday. There are no activities planned on that day so in case you arrive early – you are welcome to plan some sightseeing in Moscow or any other program.

From Monday to Friday the participants will have the sessions. The sessions will be dedicated to various aspects of effective communication.

The participants will learn how to build arguments. What are the key aspects for a strong argument in the discussion? How to win the debate? The participants will learn some basic rules on how to build strong argumentation in the discussion.

Some of the sessions will be dedicated to public speaking – how to get the attention of the audience while giving a speech. Participants will learn techniques on how to build the speech to bring the message in the most effective way.

Participants will be introduced to common mistakes during the professional communication – what are the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Intercultural communication is an important topic in today’s globalizing world. Some sessions will be dedicated on learning more about intercultural communication – how to build successful relations with your international colleagues and partners. Intercultural sensitivity is a necessary quality for the leader of future. The course will help you to understand better intercultural differences and similarities and being able to build effective relations.

Effective communication within a  group is often key for the success of the project! Participants will develop their skills of group work and communication within a group.

How to build the professional relationships with partners? The course will help you to improve your skills of communication with partners.

Some sessions will be dedicated to the leadership – how to develop leadership skills and become a leader.

Participants will be offered a test to determine own characteristics in order to understand better own strengthen and weaknesses.

The methods used during the event will include the lectures, role plays, self-reflection and various exercises done in groups and individually.

There are no activities planned on Saturday. This is the free day that we provide for sightseeing in Moscow for those who are interested to visit touristy places in Moscow or to do something else in the city. There is nothing planned for that day and participants are free to make any plans you want. Of course you can also just leave and travel home on Saturday if you are not interested in sightseeing or have other plans. The accommodation is provided till Sunday.

Sunday is the departure day (unless you decide to leave on Saturday). There are no activities planned for that day. Transfer to the airport will be provided for all participants.


The fee for the course is 490 EUR. The fee covers accommodation, programs and meal. In addition participants need to cover their travel to and from Moscow.

How to apply?

Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full name;
  • Nationality;
  • Date of birth;
  • Telephone number;
  • Title of the course you are applying for;
  • Please indicate “Effective Communication” as the topic.

For more information visit the official website.

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