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Rising Startup Spain

Rising Startup Spain



RISING STARTUP SPAIN is a program aimed at foreign Startups and entrepreneurs who contribute to fostering entrepreneurial activity in Spain through scalable and innovative projects.

This is an until nine-month program from the start of the incubation period.


RISING STARTUP SPAIN is open to foreign Startups and entrepreneurs who contribute to fostering entrepreneurial activity in Spain through scalable and innovative projects.

To take part in the program, foreign Startups established in Spain must meet the following requirements:

  1. At least 10% of the start up’s capital must belong to a foreign natural person or legal entity, or a Spanish non-resident provided that he/she is a natural person;
    2. The Startup must be formed or in the process of being formed when the assistance is granted. If the company has already been formed in Spain, it must be less than one year old.


It offers the following support services for Startups:

  • Free workspace in Madrid and Barcelona, two hotspots for Startups;
  • Prize money of EUR 10.000 to cover initial Startup expenses;
  • Easier access to Visa and Residence permits;
  • Instrumental Mentoring to help you connect with potential investors.

How to apply?

More information: ICEX- Invest in Spain T (+34) 91 503 5813; (+34) 900 349 000 / [email protected] / Contacts: Adrián Blanco, Martin Jerch and Eduardo Sánchez.

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