Симпозиум на феноменот на корупцијата


A Symposium on the Phenomenon of Corruption

A Symposium on the Phenomenon of Corruption



How does state corruption operate in different countries and how are (civil) societies responding to it? What is the role of traditional and digital media in the so-called fight against corruption? And what forms of artistic reception, narratives and narrative strategies have arisen as a result?

The international symposium IRRESISTIBLE? on 16 – 18 June 2017 in Berlin, intends to focus on this issues. It takes a multi-perspective view of corruption, focusing not only on political and economic aspects, but also on social, cultural, historical, religious, artistic, philosophical, civic and journalism-related dimensions. The symposium introduces the topic and offers the opportunity to engage with experts from corruption research and the fight against corruption. The symposium is also an educational platform and means of exchange for young target groups and multipliers from Eastern partnership countries and Europe.


  • Everyone who is interested or involved in projects with a focus on corruption or the fight against corruption.


There is no conference fee. Travel expenses will be reimbursed, participants are accommodated in a central hotel and integrated into all offered activities.

How to apply?

In order to apply, fill in the online application.

For more information please visit the official website.

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