Слободно работно место за истражувачка позиција за студии за Централна Азија


Vacancy for Research Position in Central Asian studies

Vacancy for Research Position in Central Asian studies


The Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences is offering a non-teaching position for researchers in the field of modern and contemporary history of Central Asia (defined in this context as the area ranging from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, with possible overlaps to Pakistan or Western parts of China)

About us: The Oriental Institute is a public non-university research institution. Established in 1922, OI is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to the study of Oriental cultures in Central and Eastern Europe. The Institute falls administratively under the auspices of the Czech Academy of Sciences, an umbrella research institution similar in function to its counterparts in continental Europe, such as the CNRS in France. The Institute supports excellent research, maintains rich international cooperation, and fosters a vibrant intellectual life. For more see www.orient.cas.cz

Eligibility: This position is open to researchers with a PhD degree in Central Asian Studies, Central Asian History, Islamic Studies, Anthropology, or a related field. The candidates must hold their PhD degree at the time of applying for the position or guarantee that they will receive it before the beginning of the position.

Research focus: Modern and contemporary history of Central Asia.

We expect candidates with experiences in grant activities, a proven publishing record and a working knowledge of a relevant Central-Asian language in addition to fluent English and a working knowledge of another Asian or European language.

Terms: The position is open beginning by September/October of 2017 (the details can be negotiated). The duration of the position is 2 years with the possibility of extension. The selected candidate may expect a gross monthly salary of 1.500–1.600 EUR (that is after the deduction of social and health security and before taxation), depending on their experience. In addition to that, we offer fringe benefits and financial bonuses (e.g. in case of outstanding publications). The Institute will also provide an office space, computer, proofreading services (for publications in English), library services (including a modest amount for books purchase), and funding for conference or research trips abroad. Researchers are expected to be in residence at the Oriental Institute in Prague. During their residence, researchers are required to produce academic publications and participate in Oriental Institute seminars and other events, and to participate in the coordination of the Central Asian platform of the Institute. This is a non-teaching position.

We reserve the right not to fill this position.

Application: Please submit the following materials:

1) CV and Publication List;

2) Project proposal:

  • a. In three to five pages, double spaced 12 pt. font, please explain the project you would undertake in the starting stage of your residence. In addition please include a separate bibliography of works to demonstrate how this project relates to the current state of research;
  • b. A strong proposal articulates a clear hypothesis and methodology; outlines a clear and realistic work plan; and demonstrates how this contributes to Central Asian Studies.

3) Writing Samples: a. Please include a writing sample of no more than 20 pages; b. Please include a Dissertation Abstract of no more than 2 pages.

4) Two letters of Recommendation:

  • a. Please list the names, addresses and occupations of the two persons, not related to you, who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. Letters of recommendation must be submitted by the deadline for the application to be complete.

Deadline for applications: May 19, 2017

Notification: June 2017

Expected start of the position: September/October 2017

Inquiries: Please direct inquiries to Dr. Vera Exnerova – exnerova@orient.cas.cz

Mailing Instructions: Please send the application and letters electronically to: exnerova@orient.cas.cz

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