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University of Jaen Scholarships

University of Jaén Scholarships


University of Jaén (Spain) is very pleased to present their Attracting Talent Programme to you that includes 297 scholarship places (252 scholarships for degrees and 45 for masters) for excellent international students who wish to get enrolled in one of our full-time Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree programmes at the University of Jaén.


Recipients of the scholarship are exempt from tuition fees and have a chance to obtain an additional assistance of €2,200 per year and candidate for degrees or €3,000 per year and candidate for masters.


The on-line application deadline is March 10, 2017 for degrees and April 30, 2017 for masters.


For further information please visit the following website:


You can apply at:


We believe that this programme can offer an excellent opportunity to your students. For this reason, we would appreciate it to the highest degree if you could lend us a hand in the dissemination of this announcement. If you have any doubt you can write an e-mail to: secrel@ujaen.es


Please, find attached the links where you can have a look at our brochures in different languages:

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