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Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards for International Applicants

Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards for International Applicants



Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards are now available for first-year graduate applicants for the 2017-2018 academic year based on their academic standing. International students are eligible to apply for this award at Bocconi University in Italy.

Bocconi University is a private university in Milan, Italy. Bocconi provides undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education, in addition to a range of double degree programs, in the fields of economics, management, finance, law and public administration.


  •  An English and/or second language International Certificate recognized by our Language Center at the level requested by your program of interest. When checking the validity of an International Certificate in order to apply to an International Program, you should just check the level and the score –voto in trentesimi as related to each International Certificate in the Score Conversion Table;
  • The requested English and/or second language level registered into your Bocconi Study Plan;
  • A copy of your Bachelor or high school degree, proving that the program was taught entirely in English.


The Merit Award includes a full tuition waiver, worth approximately EUR 12,700 per year. A limited number of students may also be offered free accommodation in one of the Bocconi Residences.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill the application.

For more information please visit the official web page.

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