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Curriculum Fellowships for Online Courses

Curriculum Fellowships for Online Courses



Interational Center for Nonviolent Conflict is strongly interested in supporting the expansion of online teaching on civil resistance, particularly in situations where it is difficult or impossible to develop a formal classroom-based course at a local academic institution. In such cases, ICNC Curriculum Fellowships aims to encourage and support interested instructors to set up an online seminar on civil resistance and offer it to a select group of interested learners.

The curriculum fellowship is designed to plant a seed for continued education on civil resistance. Applicants should therefore be able to demonstrate that their curriculum is part of a long-term, sustainable teaching plan, as opposed to being a one-off course offering.


  • Scholars, and instructors from colleges and universities around the world who are interested in expanding their institutions’ existing curriculum to cover civil resistance;
  • Educators and trainers who might be loosely affiliated with academic institutions at home or abroad but have academic-based training or pedagogical and teaching experience, particularly in regions and countries with restrictive civic spaces or conflicts.


In 2017, up to seven curriculum fellowships, each in the amount of USD 1,300, will be offered on open, merit and competitive bases to qualified applicants.

In addition to a curriculum fellowship grant, awardees will receive a package with academic books and documentaries on civil resistance. ICNC provides these resources free of charge as part of its curriculum fellowship package to help its fellows develop the content on and teach civil resistance.

How to apply?

To be considered applicants should review ICNC recommended list of resources, fill out the online application form, submit CV and curriculum proposal, and other information as requested.

The curriculum proposal should include a detailed description of the content for at least five weekly-based online sessions on civil resistance where participants are asked to review a relevant session description, videos, and readings and engage in forum discussions moderated by a seminar instructor. Once the applicant is selected and becomes familiar with the ICNC online learning management system, s/he will set up the proposed curriculum (with any requested modifications) on the designed space in the ICNC online learning platform.

Application deadline: April 30, 2017 for online courses that will be offered in Summer or Fall 2017 or Winter and Spring 2018

For more information visit the official web-page.

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