The Journalist Fellowship Program at the Reuters Institute is one of the world’s leading schemes for practicing, mid-career journalists to take some time out from their day jobs to explore journalism in depth. Through personal research, seminars, networking events and discussions with your peers, you will further your understanding of journalism, the news industry and your place in it. While you are in Oxford, you will work on a project that will be of direct impact to you, your career, your newsroom and the wider media industry, bringing in what you learn during your time in the fellowship. This is a programme for working journalists and editors who will return to journalism after spending a few months with them.

To be considered for one of the journalist fellowships, you must have a minimum of five years’ journalistic experience, or in rare cases demonstrate the equivalent level of expertise.

You will be able to understand and join in discussions in English. If English is not your first language, please present suitable evidence —an original certificate no more than two years old and issued by the relevant body that you are at a suitable standard. You can find more information on the university’s English language requirements here.

Most journalists on the program are fully funded. Successful applicants get their fees covered and receive a a monthly stipend of GBP 2000, which will be enough to cover the cost of accommodation, food, and general living expenses. They will also cover the cost of travel to and from the UK and any visa costs.

Additionally, some Journalist Fellows are employees of sponsoring organizations which run their own application process and selection criteria. Please contact them if you want more information on joining the fellowship with these or any other sources of funding.

How to Apply?
To apply, you will need to submit the following documents and information using their online application form on the link:

A full curriculum vitae/resume.
A personal statement outlining i) your journalistic values, ii) the major trends in the media landscape in which you work, and iii) a summary of what you think you would contribute to the Fellowship program (no more than 500 words in total).
A statement of up to 1,000 words explaining your proposed project.
A reference from your employer,
A second professional reference (e.g. former employer).
A sample of your work (please see specific requirements below).

Evidence you have the required English language ability, if English is not your first language (an original certificate that is not more than two years old and issued by the responsible body) – please see more about the university’s language requirements.
Print journalists should also provide three articles or reports (more than three will not be reviewed), including dates and names of the publications.

Broadcast journalists should also provide a link/URL to an example of your work via Vimeo or YouTube (maximum 10 minutes), plus a brief, written description of the material.

A summary or transcription in English must accompany material in other languages.

Applicants in managerial or editorial positions for whom it would be difficult to send work samples should include a statement of up to 500 words describing your work, including details of any major programs for which you have been responsible.


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