Parliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does. The goal of the Schuman traineeships is to contribute to EU citizens’ European education and vocational training and to provide an insight into the work of the European Parliament. Every year 21 000 people apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament and 900 of them are selected.

Applicants for a Schuman traineeship must be aged 18 +, hold a university level diploma(s), fulfil the language requirement, provide an eligible criminal record, not have worked for more than two consecutive months within an EU Institution or body and not have carried out a visiting junior or senior academia of six months prior the beginning of the traineeship.

The benefits depend on the country you are applying to. Please read the monthly grant on the following link.

How to apply?
For more information, please visit the official web page.

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