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Tech Your Future with EESTech Challenge! - EESTEC

Tech Your Future with EESTech Challenge! – EESTEC


EESTech Challenge is a students’ competition organized by EESTEC and its aim is to create opportunities for European students to ga​in knowledge in the field of EECS ​and develop a professional network​. The technological topic of the competition will be changed annually, and this year the chosen topic was Machine Learning​.

From 8th to 12th of May, group of young technology enthusiasts, met in Zurich with one and only goal – to Tech Their Futures! Orgnizing Commeette of Zurich in cooperation with ETH Zurich and sponsored by RUAG, organize everything for them, so the Final Round of EESTech Challenge 2017​was more than ready to start.

About one year ago, in EESTEC there was born a brand new idea on how to Tech Your Future. After 16 local rounds, winners finally met in Zurich​, where they participated in 24h Hackathon

Quick reminder, local rounds were organised in: Almería, Catania, Ankara, Athens, Belgrade, Cosenza, Gliwice, Kraków, Lille, Novi Sad, Patras, Sarajevo, Tirana, Tuzla, Zagreb and Zurich

The Final Round task​, created by the Golden Sponsor of EESTech Challenge – RUAG​, was finding and detecting swiss cows by using pattern recognition algorithms. Brainstorming and coding with a several cows on the monitor was helped by huge amount of Red Bulls.

After 24h Hackathon​, in cooperation with Zurich Tourism​, organizers breathe a life into codes, and gave an opportunity to participants to visit swiss countryside​. There participants together with organizers had a chance to find cows IRL and to upgrade their farmer skills on next level.

The evaluation process was long and challenging. Even though all participants expressed the high level of creativity, by using different ways of solving the problems, on throne there was only place for one team. And the winner of the EESTech Challenge Final Round 2017 is „Machine“ from Zagreb​

Final Round ended and we have a winner, but still this is not the end of EESTech Challenge. Moreover, it’s is just a beginning​. As you already may know, this year was an EESTech Challenge pilot year; the first organizers done an amazing job and only time will show what the next EESTech Challenge generations will prepare to do. According to first year, we can say that there is an excellent base for new amazing ideas!

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” ​(B. F. Skinner)

Tech Your Future!


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