Write About Your Traveling Adventures for Outchemy.com


Write About Your Traveling Adventures for Outchemy.com


Welcome on board Outchemy –  a growing and vibrant travel-loving community, which aim each day to help thousands of travelers from around the globe, to seek for new places where they can seek new traveling adventures, plus provide them the best tools, resources and hacks for the greatest traveling experience ever.

Outchemy is run from the US and Europe, and is very open to collaborate with YOU – somebody who can help to push the best travel news forward, by sharing knowledge and experience. If you have the creative fingers and brains, you are most welcome to join the team and write for Outchemy.

What Topics Do We Cover?

  • Tutorials or simple tips and tricks for traveling (best apps, packing hacks, places to visit, local food etc.);
  • Travel news, best destinations for adventures, space travel all around the world…;
  • Interesting projects, events, expo, conference related to travel industry;
  • Personal stories and experiences of traveling.


  • In fact everybody is invited and welcome to apply;
  • Eager to write about anything related to travel;
  • Willing to share and to suggest anything that might be interesting for the readers.


  • Online, home-based;
  • A possibility of payment in case of satisfaction with writer’s work;
  • As a regular / guest writer Outchemy will give you full credit of your work, link back to your own stuff if you provide any service/product of your own, and additional promotion of your article to an audience of 10,000 people over social media.

How To Submit an Article?

Simply send a message to [email protected]! Please use “I want to write for Outchemy” as a subject line, and provide the following information:

  1. Your e-mail address;
  2. Brief info about yourself(what do you, what are your special skills, do you have any special knowledge, why do you feel you can contribute as a writer for Outchemy);
  3. Suggested 3 topics you wish to write about(for example, 10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand10 Best Dude Ranches for Horse Riders in North America3 Smart Suitcase Packing Hacks I learnt from my travel).

If you have a sample of your writing, you can also feature that in your message, but it is not necessary. The team of Outchemy will reply in email within 72 hours.

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