Заедничка програма на стипендии во Азиско-Африкански интеракции


Joint Fellowship Programme in Asian-African Interactions

Joint Fellowship Programme in Asian-African Interactions



It aims to attract researchers whose work is informed by current theoretical debates in the social sciences and humanities over global connectivities and who are able to critically engage with shifting paradigms in “area studies” beyond the ways in which these have traditionally been conceived in the West. This fellowship is jointly offered by IIAS and the African Studies Centre in Leiden. The ASC-IIAS fellowship is intended for researchers specialising in Asian-African interactions.

The fellowship is available in the subjects of African-Asian comparative economic developments or Chinese investments in Africa.


Applicants must meet the following area for the fellowship:

  • Fellowship of maximum 6 months;
  • Applications include a work plan of 1000 words maximum and a CV;
  • Candidates should have a PhD.


The fellowship will cover a monthly grant to cover the cost of living and housing.

How to Apply?

Applicants can apply via email or post.

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Two letters of reference;
    Please ensure that a minimum of two letters of reference are sent to us in confidence via email or post, commenting on the applicant’s academic abilities and the value of  the applicant’s research project
  • Application Form

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